Southern Soul Surf Wax is a premium grade wax made the finest food grade wax available, this will not cause skin irritation caused by allergies to some petroleum products, unless you surf so much that you wear off your own skin.


This wax has been surf tested and tested again to create two separate waxes which work together to give you the best grip in any water temperature from the coldest winter morning at winki pop to the balmy tropical waters of the Maldives.

The first wax in the system is a hard base wax that is a little harder to put on especially in cold conditions but a short stint in the sun or a trip to the living room in front of the fire will make the wax easier to apply. Because the wax is hard the life span exceeds normal wax by about four to one. It is the belief of most surfers that you can not use a hard wax in cold water, but as long as you have some base wax on your board it will go in the coldest weather.

The soft top coat wax can be used solely if required for those cold mornings when you pull out that fresh new board to surf the perfect winter sunrise session. If you have a base coat already on you board apply a little to the surface to create a bumpy and sticky surface which can be depended upon to hold you firmly on your feet.

The hard wax has been blended with high quality vanilla fragrance which will give you a long lasting scent that your partner will be glad to have in the living room to cover up the smell of your jogging shoes. The soft wax has a high quality strawberry scent and when blended together the two scents give you a tempting vanillaberry fragrance that is good enough to eat, although eating is not recommended as wax will always taste like wax.

For best results it is recommended that all other waxes be removed from your board before you use as other waxes will spread and not allow Southern Soul Surf Wax to adhere to your board as intended.

All Southern Soul products are proudly made in Victoria and will never be made overseas, so take the arsehole out of the surf and put back the soul.