Our latest creation is leg ropes designed for the surfer that wants a dependable leash that will last for years.

We have gone back to basics and are using the knot method to join the urethane to the ankle strap and rail saver. This method leaves no weak points in the leash as moulded ends can do. We only use the right urethane that was initially produced for this purpose and has the right amount of stretch while remaining strong enough to handle the big wipe outs.

All leg ropes are hand made by myself using locally sourced materials of the best quality available. We wouldn't make something for you we weren't prepared to use ourselves.

We can custom make leg ropes to any length, any ankle size (even to fit under the knee) for whatever purpose. We also create big wave leg ropes for those chosen few who wish to take on the large waves and are constantly testing our product to make sure that you stay connected to your board at all times.