The Southern Soul Surfboards Story

Like most surfboard shapers I started out shaping under an open carport with a sanding block and file, crafting a tear drop shape that became my first thruster.

It was the early 80's and at that point I left behind my single fin surfing days and followed the masses into the tri fin revolution.  For the next 24 years I shaped and surfed tri fins of many different shapes and sizes.

Recently, a flashback of inspiration and memories of the past free flowing soulful single fin days, fired me to create a modern bottom curve with the characteristics and soul of the fantastic plastic of the past.

The application of these ideas is on a range of single fin boards from 6'4" to 7'1" which has lifted me to an exciting and rewarding phase in my surfing and shaping.

All of these boards have been test proven in the unforgiving test area of Winkipop, Bells Beach and Maldives and not one has failed.  Fast, responsive, positive, easily driven and easily paddled these boards offer a distinctive performance that will re-energise your surfing.